Lucy Bichsel, PhD

I help people struggling in relationships find connection, confidence and gratitude  


Heal pain, know yourself, connect with others

Stuck in self-defeating patterns? Overwhelmed by painful thoughts and feelings? Struggling with others, including those you love? There are likely very good reasons why you’re in the situation you’re in. You’ve also likely tried, valiantly, to change your situation on your own, but it hasn’t gotten better.

Great psychotherapy can help you.

I'll help you discover new ways to understand old problems, lessen the grip of fear and shame, and find peace within yourself and with others. Our work together will focus on your realization of a real, felt self that "shows up" for you when things are hard, is present and available, and is able to take important risks.

I'm warm, direct and committed to helping you step out of repetitive cycles of pain, shame and conflict.